Before and After: The Transformation of a Minimalist’s Wardrobe

Happy New Year, Y’all! I have been hearing “New Year. New You!” everywhere.  So, with that in mind, I thought I would share a transformation of a recent new client (let’s call her Eve).

All About Eve

BEFORE: Eve before our shopping excursion. Note: Picture provided to me.

Eve is 75 and re-entering the dating world. She is a retired school teacher.  She leads a simple life of exercising, going to church, being a grandma and tutoring. Eve has a darling figure, however she doesn’t wear anything TOO showy or glitzy. She prefers to blend in rather than stand out.  She does not enjoy shopping and is not focused on clothes at all. In fact, she is what I would call a minimalist. However, Eve wisely realized she needed a wardrobe update so she could feel confident about dating again.

Closet Review 

Eve’s closet was the size of a traditional bedroom closet (not a walk-in) and was not stuffed with clothes. She has few clothes and keeps them for a very long time (some things more than 25 years). Her wardrobe was mostly casual (jeans and tees). She said she has problems finding pants to fit her thin legs and she doesn’t wear red or anything with ruffles or sparkly. Not too many restrictions! I got this! My goal was to update her classic style just a bit, while not overwhelming her with a lot of clothing choices. I asked her to give me a budget (about $600) and allow me to create a wardrobe capsule for her that she could mix and match and dress up and down. She agreed. I went to work coming up with ideas and a plan.


Personal Shopping

I chose Macy’s in Houston’s Memorial City for our shopping excursion. I can get everything all in one place at a great value. Efficient! I arrived early and pre-selected some wardrobe basics for her. Most of the items I selected were either Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger. Both designers are known for their classic styling. And Calvin Klein has beautiful clean lines and not a lot of fuss.

I built Eve’s wardrobe capsule around a pair of black slim-legged pants, a gray pair and a black Calvin Klein pencil skirt and dress. I chose 2 solid tops (one white and one beautiful blue) and a stripe top. Toppers are important for pulling a wardrobe together, so I added a Tommy Hilfiger plaid blazer that can be worn all year long. I also added a little black shrug that she can wear with the dress or over the sleeveless blouses. I also found her some lovely (and comfy) Clark’s pumps that she could wear back with all of these options. I also found her a gold necklace. She spent right around $600. Eve was so much fun and such a great sport. She said the store overwhelmed her.  So, she put her trust in me completely.  She tried on whatever I brought to her, and that always makes my job so much fun! So, let’s take a look at her pictures…



AFTER: Eve in a dressy casual outfit from her wardrobe capsule. Calvin Klein pants and top.  Hilfiger blazer

AFTER: Eve in her Calvin Klein dress and Clark’s pumps.

Wardrobe Capsule showing some different mix-it-up options.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

You can see what a difference a small update can make.  Are you ready for a change?  Does shopping overwhelm you?  Are you on a budget?  Do you need an expert to understand your body shape and style and show you how to put it all together?  If you answered YES to any of these, then I can help!  If you are interested in my styling services then leave a message in the comments or send me an email.  Have a fashionable day!  Until next time (and hopefully it won’t be months)…

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Fashionably yours, Ellen

  1. I loved this! I love that Eve is re-entering the dating world, GO EVE! I CAN RELATE! I also loved that she still cares about her appearance and enlisted the help of a stylist! Cute story, thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your selections! She looks great.

  3. What fun that must have been! You cut through her overwhelm to create a wonderful capsule wardrobe and now she looks fabulous.

  4. Just wanted to drop in to say you are a beautiful lady and with such a great style. You transformed Eve…wishing her much success in the dating world. She looks fab!

  5. Ellen she looks amazing! Awesome transformation!

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