Getting off the Merry-Go-Round and Getting to NY Fashion Week

Athalee Caldwell’s 90th birthday (with Ellen and Brittany)

Do you ever feel like you are on a Merry Go Round and you are just waiting for the ride to slow down a bit so you can hop off?  I have felt that way quite a bit the last few months.  You know that feeling; when you have waited so long to do something that you think you may as well just cross it off your list because you will never get to it.

Someone mentioned to me they hadn’t seen a blog post in a while.  So, I began reflecting on what had been going on since my last post and why I hadn’t written. I suddenly realized just how much really had been happening in my life!  In November, my husband and I scrambled to finish up my mother’s house so she could move back home on December 1st (Mom’s lived with my brother’s for 3 months while we renovated her house after the hurricane). We did it!! She moved back December 1st.  She was pleasantly surprised by the transformation of her little home.   I helped her pick out all new furniture and arranged to get it delivered.  My 50th birthday was a week later.  My family threw a not-so-surprise surprise birthday party for me.  I say not-so-surprise because Brittany had asked me for a contact list of my friends back in October with the caveat that I was not allowed to ask any questions as to why.   So, I gave her a listing of 150 of my favorite people!  (LOL!  So, if you didn’t get an invitation it’s not because you weren’t on my list.)  More about this fabulous birthday in a bit.

In mid-December I held my semi-annual 2-day cabi sample sale with my team members (always fun!) Then, the next week was Christmas and then New Year’s.  I received my Spring 18 cabi collection between Christmas and New Years, which meant hanging, tagging and steaming 100+ garments, as well as learning their names.   Then, the following week I held a cabi  focus group of the new collection.  That same week I also hosted a 90th birthday party for my mother. A few days later, my cabi team and I were off to San Diego for our cabi Scoop (our semi-annual training conference and fashion show).  Upon my return, I helped my new cabi team member with her business launch event and prepared for our Hostess Appreciation and Preview, which was this past Saturday.  All of that intermingled with all of the normal wonderful things of life, such as grandchildren, family, shopping, client appointments, church etc.  As well as some not-so-wonderful things like a bad cold and then a stomach bug 3 weeks later.

So after really thinking about all the busy-ness of the last couple months,  I decided to forgive myself for all the phone calls that didn’t get made and the blog posts that didn’t get completed (like my scarf tying video).  I decided, instead, to give myself grace and ask you to give me grace too!  I am a work in progress and so is this blog.



I could wax on poetically about what life lessons I learned (because there were plenty!) but instead I want to get back to fashion and my 50th birthday party.  I mean, this IS a fashion blog. Right?  My 50th birthday party was held at The Tasting Room (a very pleasant surprise!) During my party, in walks, “Victoria”, the most beautiful drag queen I’ve ever seen!  “Victoria” performed and worked the room. My family then presented a slide show of pictures of me at every age, weight, hair style and color.  “Victoria” then had me open envelope after envelope to finally reveal my birthday gift….






A trip to New York Fashion Week with my fellow blogger, favorite female person and daughter, Brittany!   I felt like I had just won a prize on a game show!  As a lover of all things fashionable, NY Fashion Week is something I have wanted to experience since I was a teenager. I never thought it was even a possibility for me. But now it is! We take off Friday at the crack of dawn. We will think of you all as we hit pop-up shops and attend fashion shows. We have front row seats at one! And 3rd row at another (Squeal!!) followed by cocktail hours.   We will take tons of pictures and report back to let you know how it goes. So, please say a prayer for safety, warmth and cute yet comfy shoes.  The shoe quandary is real!


Until next time…

Fashionably yours,




  1. Ellen, I so enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations on your NY trip, you Birthday and your Mother’s Birthday.
    Your daughter looks just like you. Both
    of you are so beautiful! Thank you for
    sending to me.

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