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Over the last couple of years friends, clients, and even my website designer have encouraged me to start a blog.  It seemed overwhelming.  It meant learning how to do all the icky technology stuff.  Yikes!  When Brittany (my beautiful daughter and first-born) came to me and said, “Hey, Mom, let’s start a fashion blog.” I finally gave in, and we decided to create this blog, Stylish Generations. She promised to take the pictures and teach me the techie stuff.  This is a step outside my comfort zone and a big commitment.  But embracing the unknown is how we grow. I am nervous but ridiculously excited!  We would like to thank you for supporting us as we embark on this journey.  Here we will share trends, tips, tricks, and things we discover in the beauty, fashion and fitness world.  We are excited to learn, grow and share our experiences with you.

We thought we would start our first edition by sharing our vision for the Stylish Generations blog, our Why and a little bit about our personal style.

From Ellen (The Mom)

stylish momI have loved fashion since I was a child. My mission is helping women transform their outside so that their beauty and confidence radiates. As Stacy London once said, “There is a deep connection between style and self-esteem.  There is nothing superficial about making yourself feel good, strong and confident.”  When you feel confident, you can change the world!

Beauty Comes In All Shapes, Sizes, and Ages

I believed for many years that I was the only one who was on the journey to body acceptance.  When I began styling women in 2004, I was amazed to learn that nearly all of my clients were also on this journey.  Whether we are a size 2 or 22, we can be beautifully dressed.  It just takes learning what works for our unique bodies.  Brittany is in her late 20’s and a size 0/2.  I will be the big 5-0 this year and I am a size 10/12.  In Stylish Generations, we will show how Beauty and Style comes in a variety of ages, shapes and sizes.

Fashion is Fun!

Getting dressed should be fun!  It’s creative and allows you to tell the world something about yourself.  So, let’s mix some colors and prints and have some fun with it.  Sometimes it is fun to put on a (ridiculous) new style or trend and just have a good laugh.  And to our surprise sometimes we find a new style that makes us shine

My Personal Style Definition

Style is different from trends.  Trends come and go, but a style tells the world who we are.  Everyone has a style.  Whether or not you have thought about it, you have a style and it says something.

I have always loved getting dressed up.  At the beginning of the 8th grade, I consciously stopped wearing sneakers and jeans to school.  I didn’t understand it then, but I was beginning to define my style.  Today, I would describe my personal style as Dramatic Classic.  I love to take classic, structured pieces and mix them with fun, trendy shoes, layers of jewelry and a cute bag.  My go-to outfit usually involves jeans, a blazer and heels.  It just feels right to me.  If heels aren’t on the agenda for the day, then I opt for a cute, yet comfy flat.

I admire many styles.  You may see me break from my signature style to try new styles and trends.  For example, I admired the athleisure look for a while before trying it.  For a girl who gave up sneakers with jeans at 13, it was a tough look to embrace on myself (sneakers outside the gym?  The thought!).  It took a while for me to get it right.  I watched my friend, Lisa, who always rocked that look perfectly.  I’d send her selfies for approval.  Sometimes we get it wrong, but sometimes we get it right and we think to ourselves, “Dang!  I look cute today!”  And that, my fellow fashionistas, is what it’s all about!!!

Fashionably yours, Ellen

*photo taken at Multiplicity in Katy, Tx


cabi La-Di-Da Blouse
cabi Nantucket Red Hutton Trouser:
Shoes: Leigh 2 by Chinese Laundry

From Brittany (The Daughter, and also a mom)

BritannySince having my son, I have found a new confidence and love for myself and my body.  As I look at my beautiful son I have a “Wow! I created that” kind of pride!  What a woman’s body is capable of doing is truly amazing, and I feel that it should be celebrated EVERYDAY.   I channeled this new strength into a focus on health and fitness.  I love sharing it with anyone who will let me!

After having a baby, as many of you well know, finding “me time” was VERY hard.  Those moments were so precious and important when I did get them.  I started taking care of my body by eating healthier, and then I began to physically challenge my body through fitness.  I was feeling great and people were noticing the physical changes.  Over time, people have told me that I inspired them to make healthy life style changes for themselves.   Wow!  I can make a difference!  If I can touch my small circle of students and friends why stop there?

All women, I mean ALL women, struggle with insecurities.  When I talk to my mom, she speaks of finding joy in helping other women love themselves.   She feels it is her calling.  Why she is here.  Her way of leaving the world a little better than she found it.  I feel that same calling.  So that is why we feel led to start a blog!  My goal for this blog is to not only help you become the most fashionable woman in the room, but to be the most CONFIDENT!  I want all women to be able to love themselves, their body’s imperfections as well as each other.

My Style Definition

I am a mother of a toddler, a teacher and live an active lifestyle (I live in the country with my husband, son, two dogs, two cats, 4 lambs, a donkey and 16 cows),  so affordability and practicality are key for me. When shopping,  I look for quality and comfort.  I work hard for my money so I want my clothes to last.  My style changes with my moods.  I would describe my style as Feminine Sporty.  My go-to outfit is youthful and feminine, yet functional.  If you know me well,  then you know that I live in my cabi legging when not teaching school! You will most likely find me in leggings (shorts in the summer), a fun top/cardigan and trendy flats, sandals or wedges, iced with simple accessories!

Yours truly, Brittany


Cabi Alexa Short
Cabi Brigitte Blouse
Shoes:  Dr Scholl’s Wedges  Find similar ones here.
  1. I am so proud of Brittany and you for starting this blog. Ellen, I have always admired your look. I love that you have always given me feedback, ideas, and encouragement over the years. I try to look for pieces that fit my body style thanks to you. I’m so excited for this blog!! Love you❤️

  2. How fun for you and your daughter, and what a delight for us! Thank you for creating and sharing this.

  3. This is awesome, Ellen, and so are you! I love your fashion sense, and you are always so put together! ❤️

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