Trisha Hunt

Ellen helped me look at my closet in a new light. She had me try things on for fit, condition and style. She advised, gently, if I should keep certain things or discard. It actually was pain free.

Being the clothes horse I am, I was out of control. Now, I am not just shopping for random pieces. I know what I need in my wardrobe and won’t buy it unless it’s going to go with at least 3 other things I already own. After Ellen organized my closet like the professional she is, she then pointed out the areas I was weak in and the strengths of the wardrobe and where not to add new items, etc. My closet was such a jumbled mess that I really didn’t know what I had, much less where my wardrobe lacked. Having to dress for work each day was a chore because I could not find anything.

Now, it’s actually a pleasure. I’m inviting friends over just to see my closet. I can put outfits together very fast and Ellen showed me several time saving tips and style tips to enhance this process. It’s fun now to go to the closet each morning and “play dress up”. The image in my head of “before” is long gone and I continually call Ellen to tell her something new I’ve discovered in my professionally organized closet. She is an amazing workhorse. It took us both 7 hours (ladies – that’s 14 total) and she would not quit until we were finished.

It’s the best decision I’ve made in years and it is paying off daily. It actually is paying off hourly as I can dress and get out of the house in a much faster time frame. THANKS, ELLEN. I’ll continue to keep you posted of all of the discoveries I am now able to uncover – since the clutter and unworn clothes are gone.

Trisha Hunt

A Little About Ellen

Ellen Caldwell, personal stylist in HoustonEllen was chosen as a top personal stylist in Houston, Texas by CBS Houston! I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Houston Baptist University with degrees in Finance and Business Administration.

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