Karen Fernandez

Thank you so much for all your time and wonderful fashion advice, and especially your patience!! I couldn’t believe that you were still here at 1pm!! The ladies raved about the session and want you to come back next year!

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Sharon Hite

Dear Ellen: This special week-end maybe very difficult for you and your family and please know that I have been praying for you all week. On Sunday morning after services I was visiting with a friend who is a teacher and one of our teens came up to visit the teacher. I told the teen,” Miss Ellen would be so proud of you, You are beautiful and being the best you, You can Be.” The teacher agreed with me. This teen has never worn anything but jeans to church, she had on a white organdy sundress with a flocked pattern.

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Michelle Holloway

My makeover experience was one filled with many emotions. It was overwhelming at first, because although most of the things Ellen told me I already knew, the prospect of change seemed unattainable. After meeting with her, I was blessed to begin finding some of the wardrobe staples that she had recommended. As I began to dress in attire that better suited my body, I also began to feel better about myself. I realized that I did not have to look like the frazzled, worn out mom all the time. With only a few extra minutes a day, I can leave

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Trisha Hunt

Ellen helped me look at my closet in a new light. She had me try things on for fit, condition and style. She advised, gently, if I should keep certain things or discard. It actually was pain free. Being the clothes horse I am, I was out of control. Now, I am not just shopping for random pieces. I know what I need in my wardrobe and won’t buy it unless it’s going to go with at least 3 other things I already own. After Ellen organized my closet like the professional she is, she then pointed out the areas

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A Little About Ellen

Ellen Caldwell, personal stylist in HoustonEllen was chosen as a top personal stylist in Houston, Texas by CBS Houston! I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Houston Baptist University with degrees in Finance and Business Administration.

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