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Trends Part 2 – Fall 2017 Trends

Welcome back! Last post I discussed the creation of trends.  The wait is finally over because this time, I am excited to share my take on fall 2017 trends to look out for. You may be thinking, “Fall?!? It’s 105 degrees outside!” Nevertheless, now is the perfect time to discuss upcoming trends so you can plan your wardrobe budget and shopping list.  So, away we go… Fall 2017 Trends You Won’t Want to Miss Mad Men I call the first fall 2017 trend Mad Men. This trend is all about “Borrowed from the boys” looks. It consists of tailored pantsuits

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Trends Part 1- Where do trends come from?

how trends work

Have you ever wondered how trends work? Where do they come from? Do you wonder who decides why something that was “cool and hip” last year is so passé this year? Who are these trendsetters? And why was mint green so popular back in the late 80’s, and gone from the fashion world until 2014? (It’s my favorite color. Where had it been?) Well, I wonder these important things! I know, I should be thinking about how to solve the world’s hunger problems (or maybe getting ready for tomorrow’s cabi show), but instead I am thinking about trends. Someone has

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The Frugal Fashionista

how to be a frugal fashionista

Tips for the Frugal Fashionista I love fashion, especially accessories: shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry! The reality is that I am on a tight fashion budget. As a teacher, I totally understand the struggles of not being able to afford those gorgeous Tory Burch flats or the Louis Vuitton bag.  Rocking designer brands can be expensive.  Fortunately, I have learned ways to buy the fashion items that I love without busting my budget or getting a divorce! Find out how you can be a frugal fashionista, too.t Here are 3 tips on how to be a Fabulous Frugal Fashionista without breaking the bank: Spend money

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Icing The Cupcake: How to Accessorize

Many women opt not to buy the accessories when shopping. However, accessories are key for creating and polishing your look. (So, you have my permission. Buy the accessories too!) Accessories are important for several reasons, they take an outfit and dress it up or down, allowing you to wear it to a variety of places. They can make a timeless classic piece of clothing trendier. They are especially important for simple, uncomplicated “canvas outfits”, such as the Playsuit. One of the latest trends is the reemergence of the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits give you a nice, long lean line of color. The

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Ageless Style Begins with Classics

ageless style

Welcome back!  We appreciate your support and encouragement of our first blog! Many of my clients over the age of 60 tell me they want to look stylish and relevant, yet still age appropriate.  They do not want to look like they are trying be 30.  The key to being beautifully styled at any age is to ground your outfit with classic pieces. Ageless style is completely attainable with the right items of clothing. Classic, well-made pieces stand the test of time and can be accessorized and styled to suit your age, mood, style and the occasion for which you are

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A Little About Ellen

Ellen Caldwell, personal stylist in HoustonEllen was chosen as a top personal stylist in Houston, Texas by CBS Houston! I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Houston Baptist University with degrees in Finance and Business Administration.

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