Three simple ideas to transition to Fall, without having a heat stroke!

Welcome back!  I hope that this post finds you each doing well, especially post Harvey. I know some of us have had survivor’s guilt and “Harvey Brain.”  I, too, feel as though I have lost an entire month or more of my life. And now, summer (and hurricane season) is over, and it’s time to transition to Fall.

But on to some joy….  You all know I sell cabi (the best designer line of clothing around).  After Hurricane Harvey, We held grassroots Heart of cabi Events in 6 areas around Houston.  I had the privilege of leading the Katy Event. cabi stylists from all over the US mailed their cabi samples to Houston to help clients and hostesses who had lost clothes due flooding.  It was AMAZING!  My house was one of the receiving addresses.  Boxes showed up on my doorstep from stylists I didn’t know wanting to help the women of Houston.   It was an amazing day!  We served and loved on 34 women affected by the hurricane.  Tears were shed, stories were  shared and many hugs were given.  I long believed clothing is much more than covering for our bodies.  That day, I truly witnessed how clothing can boost morale, make women feel beautiful and help regain their dignity. It was a Top-10 most rewarding day of my life.

Happy Heart of cabi Recipients

A true act of love – Volunteer Lisa Hickey ties the new shoes of a Heart of cabi recipient

cabi stylists and hostesses volunteer for the Heart of cabi event









I know you are as eager as I am for Fall. I mean, technically, it IS Fall.  So, I thought I would leave you with 3 simple ideas to help you transition to Fall without adding extra weight (or heat) to your look.

How to Transition to Fall

1) Add Tights – Wear tights with your dresses and skirts.  You can opt for classic black tights with black shoes or boots for a taller, leaner look.  My favorite are the Spanx Reversible Tights.  They are opaque and Black on one side and your choice of gray, brown or navy on the other.  Two for the price of one ($28)! 

You can also go with a color and/or texture for a fun statement.  I am wearing burgundy tights with the cabi Standout Skirt.  Check out or

2) Change Your Lipstick Shade – Put away your peaches and light pinks and opt for deeper, more muted shades for the transition to Fall and Winter.  Pick lipsticks in the berry, red and brown families. Chestnut brown is lovely on everyone and a great everyday color.  I often opt for a frosty plum (See MAC’s Plum Dandy) or a matte Red.  (See NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in VIP Red $28)

3) Break Out Your Booties – The “No white after Labor Day” rule doesn’t really apply here in Houston (where it is ninety degrees well into October).  However;  nothing says summer like a straw bag or rope-soled wedges. So, if you want to look more “Fallish” then pull out your closed-toe shoes, booties, boots and accessories in darker shades and Fall fabrics (I.e. Suede handbag or velvet shoes or a tweed baseball cap).  Check out the cabi Bisset Bootie (Click picture to purchase  online)

So, there you have it!  Three inexpensive ways to transition to a Fall look, while it still feels like summer.  Until next time, when I share some favorite scarf-tying ideas!

Fashionably yours,


  1. You are amazing.
    Very proud you.

  2. Well, very good article. Bring on the fall!! Thanks for the tips!

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